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For over two decades, Barry Garber has devoted his life and career to the development and representation of world class talent and has redefined the notion that it is definitely possible for individuals to make the difference.

Garber started off his career in legitimate theatre and spent his formative years working alongside legendary Montreal impresario Sam Gesser, marking an awakening to what was to become a life’s passion. He then moved to join the company of famed Canadian promoter Donald K. Donald where he quickly became Vice- President and alongside DKD head Donald Tarlton created one of the most successful talent representation agencies in Canada: Spectacle Entertainment. In short order the agency signed Quebec superstar Celine Dion to the roster and Garber was named her Responsible Agent. This marked the beginning of a life changing adventure as Garber became the protégé of Dion’s husband and manager Rene Angelil – at first taking Dion out of Quebec to perform live shows across Canada, and then ultimately across the world. This association culminated with Angelil and Dion opening their own production enterprise CDA Productions and asking Garber to partner with them in the new company and also act as International Tour Producer. In 2003 Dion would eventually relocate to Las Vegas but the collaboration continued to flourish in 2008-2009 when she returned to the international arena once again for one more world tour and Garber would bring her to Africa and the Middle East for the very first time.

Garber has also been an active player in the world of TV production – highlights as producer include his acclaimed television specials with Backstreet Boys, Tori Amos and several Celine Dion television extravaganzas around the world ~ not to mention countless television specials with longtime client Sonia Benezra with such illustrious names as Ricky Martin, Santana and Tina Turner.

Garber IMC has produced concert tours on every continent with the exception of Antarctica! The past decade has been largely focused on developing the Latin American market where the company has been instrumental in organizing tours for Aerosmith, Il Divo, Kiss, Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Guns N Roses just to name a few. The company’s most recent foray in the region was with Cirque du Soleil where Garber paired promoters with Cirque to open brand new markets such as Ecuador and Uruguay as well as making successful returns to territories such as Argentina and Chile.

Garber IMC is a proud member of the Canadian Management Alliance and CARAS, and its president has been the recipient of two Felix awards (ADISQ) for Tour Producer of the Year.

Barry Garber has been a longtime board member of the Farha Foundation, Friends of Mopo in South Africa and has been actively involved in UNICEF, AmfAR, and World Vision Canada. For five years Garber worked constantly in support of NMCF (Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund) and The African Children’s Feeding Scheme in South Africa. Garber is also the resident producer of the Annual Gala “Notte En Bianco” for the Guzzo Foundation in Quebec.

Most recently Garber has been a guest lecturer in artist management at both Yale University and McGill University. At McGill he is also a sitting member on the Faculty Advisory Board of the world renowned Schulich School of Music.

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