Dushyant Savadia

Software Powerhouse Amber Connect was founded on humanitarian values and has made massive inroads across the Globe with its revolutionary Technology and Vehicle telematics systems. All Thanks to the vision and passion for cutting edge technology by it’s the world renowned and eminent CEO and Founder – ‘Dushyant Savadia’.

Amber Connect is taking the global vehicle tracking and security sector by storm with its innovative and affordable software. The Amber Connect and Kuya Technologies CEO and founder ‘Dushyant Savadia’ discusses the companies’ core values and development roadmap for its rapid global expansion.

Aside from its cutting-edge technology at affordable prices, what sets Amber Connect apart from its competitors is its vision and core values and the fact that it is constantly updating its technology in line with clients’ needs and the rapid evolution of the Digital world and especially

Headquartered in Jamaica, Amber Connect was founded in 2015 with the aim of adding value for consumers and providing funding for the Art of Living Foundation, an international humanitarian NGO where ‘Dushyant Savadia’ has been teaching mindfulness and meditation techniques since 1999. The company is unique in that it is based on the principles of corporate social responsibility and not vice versa.

The link between a software company specialising in vehicle telematics and one of the world’s largest spiritual organisations might not be immediately apparent. When asked about his motivation for starting the company, Savadia’ noted that the Foundation relies on course fees to fund its activities and needed another financing mechanism: “Charity cannot happen from an empty bowl […] So it was very clear objectively that I need to look at some business opportunities that can help what I’m passionate about: to give back.”

Savadia’ started by exploring e-commerce and then set out to identify the biggest gaps in the security and energy industries in terms of technology and consumer experience: “If it is very expensive then there is something wrong. That means proper innovation and proper technology hasn’t been applied. In my personal opinion, technology should make things affordable. It should bring peace of mind, ease of use, and give people that comfort and convenience that they’re looking for, so they can focus on the more important things in life.”

His research revealed big gaps in both pricing and technology in the vehicle security market. While there are hundreds of vehicle tracking companies worldwide, the majority still use a web browser in their consumer applications. The technology, for Savadia, is a decade behind: “It’s such limited functionality and such slow updates, where it could mean life or death if you’re not having the visibility of your loved ones for 10 or 15 minutes while they’re passing through a high-risk location […] And that’s why we wanted to create the technology in such a way that we are updating our users’ real time information and truly bringing the connected car experience at a very affordable price at the same time. That was the purpose of Amber Connect and it was purely founded for one good reason – to serve people through technology, take those profits and re-engage those profits in service of communities in the world.”

Given the size of the vehicle tracking market and the high level of consumer awareness across the globe, Dushyant initially visited global markets in 2016, where he has now opened operations in, to learn more about each market and the way local companies operated in their territories. He was surprised to see that the technology was not very advanced and that applications, where available, were costly and outdated. Amber’s competitive advantage lies with the affordability of its product and the software behind it. “In most cases with other tracking companies they go and buy the hardware from somewhere and build the software to match the hardware and display the data. But we are the other way around. We’re actually a 100% software company that has expertise in web development, analytics, artificial intelligence fence, machine learning. We do a lot of work for very large banks in terms of their core banking software, on-boarding platforms, chat bots… So, when a software company engages – and has expertise in data intelligence – then of course we can expect wonders”, explains Savadia’’

Amber Connect became the first vehicle tracking company in the world to deploy artificial intelligence: if somebody tampers with a parked vehicle, the device will automatically shut down the engine and activate a loud noise on your phone, following which the security company will immediately deploy an armed response vehicle – all in the space of three seconds.

Thanks to the massive gaps in the local markets globally, the company has made impressive expansion progress in a very short space of time, with its products seeing phenomenal uptake by corporates, the insurance sector and even government parastatals.

Boasting an product employment ecosystem of almost 2000 employees globally with representatives in Jamaica, Namibia, South Africa, United States of America, The United Kingdom, Mexico, India and Russia to name only a few, with 3/4 more global offices opening in the year ahead, Amber’s ambition is to grow this figure to at least 3000 by the end of 2019.

In terms of its expansion worldwide, Amber’s competitive edge is its global sim and footprint, which enables live tracking of vehicles on the road from Cape Town right through to Cairo. Thanks to its artificial intelligence capabilities, customers can ask questions in real time 24 hours a day via the platform.

Our Amber Connect Fleet management application made an impact globally as a result of the many new highly innovative features, device-types and accessory options (e.g. fuel sensors) that were added to our core Amber Connect fleet management products. Amber Connect also added a number of important functionalities such as route optimization with real-time deviation alerts, driver management, and multiple geo-fencing and even improved our refresh rate capability to 2 secs to ensure the most accurate data collection available on the market

This year users in 22 countries globally, engaged with our app on an average of 14.1 times a week with an average session length of 1.37 minutes; this tells us that our customers love the Amber Connect experience and find it easy to use and navigate.

Some important developments we are achieving in 2018 as we strive to improve functionality for our valued global customers across our established platforms.

  • Consumer driver scoring and in-app rewards offers
  • Fleet risk scoring platform for our insurance clients
  • IFTTT integrations to smart homes 
  • Amazon Alexa, Google Home integrations for our individual customers
  • Amber Connect Smart Watch application extensions 
  • Driver applications for fleet with time sheet’s, route assignments, proof of delivery and more
  • Amber Connect fleet management desktop applications for Windows and Mac, therefore no more web browsing!

While we are excited by our recent successes, rest assured that we will continue to work assiduously to improve the user experience for our individual customers as well as bring efficiencies and greater savings to our fleet users.

One aspect of Amber Connects global vision is to create an Amber Institute of Technology in every country to provide paid internships to unemployed youths, teach them to code and understand data intelligence and machine learning, and then re-employ them within the Amber Connect group of companies. Savadia’ explains that this strategy should encourage job creation and infrastructure development and decrease the so-called brain drain from developing countries.

The company has already rolled out its tracking devices almost 22 countries since 2017 and hopes to reach at least 50 countries with a million devices on the road and establish 20 Institutes of Learning by 2020. The holding company, Amber Connect Ltd, which also launches its Smart Buildings project under the umbrella of Kuia Technologies in 2018. Kuia Technologies also currently has a massive global footprint with key offices located in Jamaica, South Africa, India and Russia; which are launch pad countries into the different markets in these regions and effectively covering the entire globe.

Dushyant’s advice to young people setting out in an entrepreneurial or start-up space is to base the core values of their business on ethics, compassion and service, and to keep in mind that failure is inevitable and should not deter them from persevering or starting over. “When the core values of the company are devoted to serving the nation, serving its people; then you will find success”, claims Savadia’’

‘Dushyant Savadia’ vision for 2019/2020

“It will be a very important year ahead for consumer choices as they be will be keeping a very close tab on the fast paced world of technology innovation, especially in the digital App and the smart App vehicle telematics arena. Apps are going to once again monopolize this space with consumers looking for Apps that are easier to navigate, bring enhancement and greater value to their lives (and their loved ones) and ultimately put money back in their pockets, especially during these tough economic times we are experiencing worldwide.  Amber Connect has seen an exponential uptake in our Smart Vehicle Telematics product globally, where customers want to have the peace of mind, that their loved ones are safe at all times. Our Amber Connect custom vehicle telematics App itself has almost forty five (45) unique features that not only assist in keeping your family safe, but also allow you to effectively monitor expenses of your vehicle and ultimately save you money.

In 2019 Amber Connect and Kuya Technology have massive development plans under way and we will be unveiling some cutting edge technology every quarter that will literally revolutionize the vehicle and personal security industries, but at the same time greatly assist in managing and reducing carbon footprints worldwide”

I look forward to seeing you all in Las Vegas at CES 2019
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